Five Must-Haves When Choosing a Remodeling Company

Five Must-Haves When Choosing a Remodeling Company

BY Theresa Ulrich On

A renovation or addition involves a host of choices, from setting a budget to selecting hardware and paint colors. But no decision impacts both the remodeling process and the final product more than choosing a company to bring your vision for your home to life.

Knowing what to look for as you narrow down your options can help you select a remodeling company that’s a good fit and is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. As you choose a remodeler, seek out these five qualities.


Clear communication is vital to any relationship, and that includes a relationship with a remodeling company. When it’s lacking, misunderstandings abound—and in the context of a renovation, a misunderstanding can be particularly frustrating and costly. So, as you consider remodelers, be sure to look for one that responds quickly to your requests and provides clear and complete information, as well as one that seems to happy to interact with you.

Our team at KGT is committed to keeping you in the loop each step of the way through warm, friendly communication. We’ll get back to you promptly when you contact us and make sure you have access to the latest information on your project, including photos and regular updates on the construction schedule, through our custom client portal accessible through any computer, tablet or smartphone. 


Most of us spend more time at home than anywhere else. So, it’s well worth it to seek out a company that’s committed to providing you with the very best for the place where you rest, eat, work, play and gather with loved ones.

When looking for a renovation company, prioritize finding one that’s dedicated to excellence in every stage of the remodeling process as well as in the result. This includes both protecting your home as they work and giving you a space you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Our design-build team at KGT is dedicated to caring for your home as if it were their own and providing you with only the best. And, our design-build approach provides harmony between design and building that results in a smooth process and a beautiful finished product.

On Time

Few things are as frustrating in a remodel as delays—especially when those holdups can be prevented. But, choosing the right remodeling company can drastically reduce the likelihood that your project will fall behind the projected timeline.

At KGT, we take pride in finishing our projects on schedule. By nature, our design-build model prevents unnecessary delays because a single team works together from start to finish. The enhanced communication and collaboration inherent in this approach eliminates surprises and identifies potential snags early in the process so that they can be prevented before they bump your remodel off track. We’re committed to completing your renovation on time, and will handle every detail so you can reap the benefits of your new and improved space sooner rather than later. 

On Budget

Surprises related to cost are also a major source of frustration for homeowners. But again, the company you choose plays a huge role in your satisfaction with the price tag of your project and the reward you’re receiving for making an investment in your home.

Selecting a remodeling company that’s committed to both value and adhering to your financial parameters is key. Our team at KGT will work with you to clarify your budget and present you with clear information that empowers you to make decisions that will give you the best final product at a price with which you’re comfortable. Then, we’ll honor that budget and keep you in the driver’s seat each step of the way. 

Five-Year Warranty

A final factor to consider when choosing a company to handle your remodel is the way in which they stand behind their work once the project is finished. You’ll be living in your renovated space long after construction is complete, and it’s important to work with a builder that is committed to your satisfaction for the long haul.

KGT’s five-year warranty is our demonstration of dedication to your ongoing satisfaction. Six months after a project is complete, we’ll follow up with you to ensure you’re still enjoying your space; and, we’ll touch base again at the one-year and five-year marks. If any issues related to our workmanship have arisen, this warranty is our guarantee that we’ll resolve the problem at no cost to you.  

Together, the qualities above form the backbone of KGT Remodeling’s Five-Point Promise. As you consider which company to entrust with your next remodel, don’t settle for anything less than a commitment to your complete satisfaction. Contact KGT today to learn more about putting our promise to work for you.