KGT Remodeling Welcomes New Lead Carpenter Eric Caceres

KGT Remodeling Welcomes New Lead Carpenter Eric Caceres

BY Theresa Ulrich On

KGT Remodeling is excited to welcome Eric Caceres to its design-build team! As lead carpenter, Eric is responsible for quality control and ensures that every aspect of a project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. He plays a vital role, making clients’ visions for their homes a reality as he implements projects’ design and participates in the building process. “I enjoy seeing a finished product and having watched the process bring a design on paper to reality,” he says.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Eric has lived in Southwest Florida for the past two decades. In addition to the experience he brings from his time as owner of a trim carpentry business specializing in crown molding, he has a degree in computer information technology and holds several IT-related certifications. 

When he’s not helping to bring clients’ dreams for their homes to life, Eric loves spending time on the water, cruising and enjoying watersports including scuba diving and water skiing. He can also often be found playing the guitar or taking his motorcycle out for a spin. 

We’re happy to have Eric on the KGT team!