What to Expect


Remodeling and renovations aren’t just about the end product, they are also about the process. That’s where our 5-point promise comes in.

Created from our years of experience and from the feedback we consistently receive from our remodeling and building clients, we would like to share with you our “5-Point Promise.” 

1. Prompt & Clear Communication

We’re eager to hear from you. You can expect a warm and friendly tone from the moment we begin communicating. Also, you can expect all voicemails, emails, and texts to receive a response within hours, not days. We’re committed to a high level of communication before, during, and after the project.

2. We Listen. We Advise. We Value YOU.

Our business was deliberately designed so that our clients have direct contact throughout the project with KGT’s dedicated project supervisor. Our clients can rest at ease with their main point of contact. Together, with the rest of our KGT team, we will assist you with design, product selections and all decisions you need to make during the remodeling process. We work very hard on our systems and processes to give you a fun remodeling experience and a beautiful finished project.

3. Excellence in Design & Workmanship

A successful remodeling project doesn’t just happen. True harmony must exist between designing and building. We realize the design must match your desires precisely. We will go above and beyond to patiently walk you through the process. Once we begin the building process, you can expect us to stick to the plan. we take care of everything from ordering the right materials to scheduling every phase, so you don’t have to.

4. Custom Client Portal

Everyone has heard the horror stories — being left in the dark, being overwhelmed with choices, and the fun vanishing from the remodeling process. With our online custom Client Portal, you’ll have access to all of your selections, progress photos, schedule of upcoming work, and all of our communications and paperwork in one easy to use place — all via your phone, tablet, or computer. We’ve invested a great deal of time and money in our custom Client Portal so that the remodeling process is easy and hassle free.

5. A Clean Jobsite

We promise to maintain a clean, organized, and safe work area to minimize disruption to your family’s routine. We use tarps, covers and dust barriers extensively; smoking on the jobsite is NOT allowed; materials and tools are stored neatly and safely. these are just a few of our rules. Being considerate and respectful of your family’s needs is of utmost importance to us.

KGT offers the BuildClean dust control system to help keep homeowners’ remodeling projects clean and safe. According to research, during a remodeling project five to eight times the normal amount of dust and debris particles can accumulate in the air. This system is designed to eliminate up to 90% of dust and debris during a home remodeling project.

Our 5-Point Promise outlines the level of service you can expect when you partner with KGT Remodeling on your remodeling or building project.

We would love you to join our family of happy and satisfied clients. 

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