Design-Build Process

Why Choose a Design-Build Home Renovation Company?

The design-build process is rooted in collaboration and clear communication because design and construction are handled by a single team dedicated to providing you with a consistent experience and a quality finished product. Unlike the traditional approach, which requires hiring an architect or designer and then a builder or remodeling contractor, our design-build model provides a smooth, integrated experience that’s focused on you, provided by a home renovation company that understands your needs.

A Single Point of Contact

The design-build approach allows you to have just one point of contact throughout the entire remodeling process. Rather than juggling multiple companies and contracts, you’ll work with a single team comprised of professionals who understand your vision for your space, as well as your budget and concerns. Working with just one home construction company dramatically reduces the footwork required of you as a homeowner to keep your project moving forward.

Fewer Surprises

Hiring an architect and then a remodeling contractor gives an open invitation to unexpected costs, delays and complications. For example, you may settle on a design you love, only to find out that the price tag for bringing that plan to life is twice what you expect once you receive a bid from a builder. Or you may discover that the design isn’t nearly as feasible as you were led to believe.

In contrast, when you hire a design-build home renovation company, your design will be completed with your budget in mind and with an eye on buildability. Because the designer and builder are part of the same team, they’re able to collaborate in a way that isn’t possible in other models to ensure that your project can progress as scheduled. And, if an unexpected challenge does arise, a unified team will be ready to address it.

A Streamlined Process

The enhanced cooperation inherent in the design-build approach allows your renovation to transition smoothly from one stage to the next, reducing delays and compilations. According to the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), projects undertaken by a design-build company are completed 12 percent faster than those carried out using multiple companies. This more streamlined model allows you to enjoy your dream space sooner.

Cost Effectiveness

Fewer delays and changes mid-project often add up to significant savings. On average, projects completed by design-build companies cost over six percent less, according to the DBIA. The design-build approach ensures that your money isn’t wasted on unnecessary retrofitting or adaptations, providing a better value than the traditional route.

All of these benefits add up to less stress for the homeowner and a more efficient and coordinated process. As an award-winning home construction company, KGT Builders is proud to offer a design-build experience that’s built on over 45 years of experience, and we’ll walk with you each step of the way, from clarifying your dream for your space to design to bringing that dream to life.