Let’s take the next step toward your dream home.

At our showroom, we will guide you through the details that will help your dream home come to life. We’ll take a look at both the big picture and the details to make sure you’re confident in your choices and on budget.

  • Review the floor plans, 3D perspectives and alternatives we have created for you, and make corrections/revisions.
  • Prepare a shopping list for you of all items that need to be selected and provide a list of trusted trade partners. Select cabinets, colors, and samples of items you’ve chosen.
  • Guide you through the forms and styles available for each item and introduce you to our interior design partner if you need help coordinating your selections.
  • We’ll also keep track of each selection you make so that, as you go to each supplier, you can be assured that your theme is consistent and that we are creating the design process that you want.

From Concept To Design.

  • Our production department will review your plans;
  • We’ll gather quotations from all vendors and complete final specifications floor plans;
  • Review final plans, specifications, and pricing;
  • Review your preliminary project schedule; and
  • Review and execute the construction management agreement, which allows us to start the next phase of your project.
  • We will set up your login to our builder portal website and discuss selection approvals.

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