Let’s take the next step toward your dream home.

In the KGT showroom, our designers will guide you through the process of remodeling your home to make it as smooth as possible. We’ll look at both the big picture, and the small details of the project to ensure you’re comfortable and confident with your selections, choices and budget.


  • This phase begins with an onsite meeting with one of our designers to discuss the details of the space being remodeled. We’ll take more photos and full site measurements of the space.
  • You’ll view a design presentation at the KGT showroom to review preliminary floor plans, sketches, 3D perspectives, virtual reality walkthrough, and the options we’ve created for you. Any revisions/amendments will be made at this meeting.
  • Our production department will then review your design and scope of work for construction feasibility.
  • At our showroom we’ll present a final design to you, when we’ll review and approve the floor plans, elevations and scope of work.
  • We’ll also keep track of each design selection you make, so you can rest assured your chosen theme is consistent.
  • We’ll secure all vendor and material supplier quotes to complete final specifications and floor plans.
  • We’ll review final plans, specifications, pricing, and the preliminary project schedule with you for approval.
  • Throughout the process you’ll have direct access to our expert team members, as well as to our custom, web-based client portal, where you can access messaging, thework schedule/calendar, and other project information.
  • We will review and execute the Construction Management Agreement with you, so we can start the next phase of your project.


  • KGT will then apply for and submit plans for permitting.
  • We will finalize all material selections with our designer, and update any changes needed, based on your agreed budget.
  • A pre-construction conference will be scheduled with you either in person, or via FaceTime or Zoom, when you will be introduced to your lead carpenter, to review the project and housekeeping items.
  • We’ll review the preliminary project schedule with you, which will be confirmed via our custom client portal, once your plans from permitting are approved.

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