7 Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

7 Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

BY Theresa Ulrich On

Remodeling your kitchen is a big project. There’s a lot of planning to be considered including the budget, design, and many other factors. So how do you know when you’re ready to take the plunge? Here are seven signs that it’s time to start remodeling your kitchen.

#7: You’re short on counter and/or storage space

If you find yourself scrambling for counter space every time you cook and your cabinets are so packed that you have to store kitchen items in other parts of the house, you may want to consider a remodel that expands your storage and/or counter space. Adding more counter and storage space in your kitchen will help remove some of the hassle.

#6: The layout is awkward

A poor layout can make working in a kitchen very inconvenient, Whether your layout is truly hazardous or just a bit of a pain, a reconfiguration could be worth it.

#5: Cleaning your kitchen is a nightmare

Tile countertops with deep grout lines and mottled linoleum floor tiles that never quite look clean are just a few of the culprits. If you have a high-maintenance kitchen, renovating your kitchen (or just replacing the offending finish) could go a long way towards enhancing your happiness with your space, and your cleaning routine, too.

#4: Outdated appliances are running up your electric bill

Older appliances can be a real energy suck, which means money that’s coming out of your bills every month. If you suspect that your appliances could be a drain on your budget, Over time, new appliances could actually pay for themselves.

#3: Your kitchen just doesn’t suit your lifestyle

If your kitchen is significantly affecting your lifestyle, and you’re planning on being in your home for a while, this could be reason enough to renovate a kitchen that by other people’s standards might be perfectly acceptable.

#2: A dated kitchen is dragging down the value of your home

You may not be particularly concerned about your older kitchen’s odd quirks or unusual style, but if you’re planning on selling your house anytime soon, this could be a feature that could lower the sale price of your home. If you’re renovating only for financial reasons, a consultation with a real estate agent or kitchen designer is probably in order, but there’s a possibility that an inexpensive kitchen remodel could actually save you some money in the long run.

#1: You hate the space so much you don’t actually use it

Whether it’s falling apart, or just very ugly, if you hate your kitchen so much that you can’t stand to set foot in there, and you find yourself eating out more often than you should — it might be time for a change.


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