Refresh and renew this Spring with a KGT full home remodel!

Refresh and renew this Spring with a KGT full home remodel!

BY Theresa Ulrich On

As seasons change, so can the feeling of your home. Spring is the season of new beginnings. It revives and invigorates and it’s a great time to clear out that which is no longer serving you, including the outdated aspects of your home.

Springtime is great for renovations given its pleasant weather, plus things tend to slow down for most people this time of year. It makes going through the process easier, especially if you’re heading north and leaving the home empty for some time. Imagine returning to a fresh new place to enjoy the holidays next year. Spring is an ideal time to let go of the old and renew.

To update the character and charm of your home while improving its functionality and increasing its value, here are the latest trends in full home renovations:

Open floor plans with private spaces. Since the pandemic, the way we live is changing our needs at home. You may desire more individual space versus the wide-open floor plans we’ve seen in years past. Homeowners are now opting for open floor plans with varied degrees of privacy, from dividers and private nooks to full office spaces.

Kitchens and baths remain king. This is where you get the most value when upgrading your home. Think bigger, better, and luxurious for both – statement spaces with decorative fixtures, overstated hardware, creative cabinetry, and colorful islands and vanities. Butler pantries and sculleries are becoming popular. These overflow kitchens are great for extra storage, food prep, hidden nooks, and more. Continuing to trend is the conversion of master baths into luxury retreats offering a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

Color! This time of year, Mother Nature is busy brightening up our surroundings, and you should be too! Grey has been trendy for a while, but this year is all about adding color. Consider replacing open kitchen shelving with a different color cabinet, adding a bright island, or a pattered or colorful backsplash. Having everything match perfectly is out, so bring some personality in – get creative!

Maximize the benefits of your home’s exterior. Give your home a facelift! It can add tons of value and curb appeal, truly providing that fresh new home feel. If you love to entertain, why not convert your patio or backyard into the ideal space for hosting?

Spring new life into your home by investing in updates and additions with KGT. The possibilities are endless and the team at KGT can help you reimagine your entire home, inside and out. Dream. Design. Build. Contact KGT today for a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation at 239.992.2300.