April Showers of Inspiration

April Showers of Inspiration

BY Theresa Ulrich On

Soak up the inspiration with new high-end faucets and shower fixtures this year. Here are some of the top trends in faucets and showers the KGT team is seeing in 2023:

Statement bathrooms are big this year. A full home remodel should include a master bath where you can enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home – relax, refresh, and renew. Most luxury homes include a stand-alone bath and a separate shower with waterfall showerheads and an array of full-body sprays you can preset to your liking. Let beautiful faucets, fixtures, and accessories make a statement.

Think about how much time is spent at the kitchen sink. It’s no wonder faucets are a big part of how your kitchen should look and function. Choose one that is as beautiful as it is useful.

Having everything match perfectly is out, so get creative! Typically a no-no, a new trend in kitchens is to mix metals. Select a finish that compliments your style and preference. Due to its versatile style and easy maintenance, chrome is a very popular choice – it’s also easier on the pocketbook. Polished nickel is comparable to chrome, easy to maintain, and won’t tarnish. Brushed nickel offers a warm tone that homeowners seem to love. Brass is a tried-and-true material that can look great with a vintage or modern theme. Bronze is well suited for a vintage, earthy, or old-world feel.

In contrast to mixing finishes, many homeowners are choosing monochrome fixtures like black faucets as a contemporary choice to instantly modernize the kitchen. Go even further and brighten things up with a bold-colored faucet! Use this color pop as a focal point in a neutral kitchen or match the faucet color to other features in the room. You can also mix black and metal faucets.

Technology is bringing new features into play when considering your kitchen and bath fixtures. In addition to touch, smart faucets can be controlled remotely or by voice. Adding an instant hot and cold water dispenser in the kitchen is another great convenience. Smart showers include adjustable temperature and pressure controls. Have fun and get creative by also incorporating aromatherapy, music, steam, and more into the experience.

Take your April showers from a slow drizzle to a full-body experience – today, the options are endless! The KGT team can help you select the best features to suit your overall vision for your home, complimentary to your style and preferences. Dream. Design. Build. Contact KGT today for a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation at 239.992.2300.