Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

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Choosing a countertop based on looks only may seem like the best idea. There are other important factors to consider when picking your kitchen surface material. Homeowners must think about the material’s durability and maintenance. Homeowners should assess the way they live before deciding on a countertop surface.

Granite is the top choice in countertops because it is available in a variety of shades like blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges, and every piece is unique in design. Granite comes in two finishes. A polished finish which is a shiny look and may darken the appearance of the stone. The  honing  finish is soft and matte.


Other natural stone materials include marble, limestone and soapstone. These stones are softer than granite and require delicate use and greater care. All stone countertops must be sealed periodically.


Engineered stone countertops come in a wider variety of colors than natural stone countertops. These materials are more durable and are easy to maintain. Engineered stone won’t save any money over granite: the two materials will cost roughly the same.


Solid surface countertops come in countless colors, are seamless, resist stains and scratches can be buffed out. Be careful, hot pans can damage solid-surface countertops.


Concrete countertops, can be completely customized with pigments. Concrete is available in several different finishes: trowel (smooth), ground (sanded to expose the sand aggregate) and pressed (a tool is used to reveal marble-like veining). Extreme changes in temperature can cause the concrete to warp or curl, damp sponges left on the counter can cause discoloration and acidic spills may etch the surface. To keep a concrete countertop looking its best, it’s advisable to seal them up to four times per year and wax every two to three months.


Wood countertops, are easy to clean and any scratches can be sanded out. Water damages butcher block quite easily, so it must be oiled frequently to seal the surface.


Laminate is the most affordable countertop material on the market and comes in an array of colors and designs. Laminate has a reputation for scratching easily.


Having trouble deciding on just one material? Mixing and matching different surfaces is on the rise. Another option is to inset another material into the countertop for specific tasks. For example Butcher block is common for chopping and marble is often used for baking.


Before making a decision on the perfect countertop material, look at the surface in person, visiting a showroom or viewing samples in-home can assist in making your final decision.

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