Home Office Upgrades: From Afternoon Improvements to Productivity-Boosting Makeovers

Home Office Upgrades: From Afternoon Improvements to Productivity-Boosting Makeovers

BY Theresa Ulrich On

The home office has taken on a new meaning for many of us in recent weeks. Some of us have begun operating full time from rooms that were once only used for weekly work-at-home days or paying bills, while others have had to create new workspaces in our homes with little advance notice. In a challenging situation, we’ve found ways to get the job done. But, an office should be more than just a space where you can complete the tasks before you: It should provide an environment that helps you work smarter.

Your home office can have a big influence on your productivity and happiness on the job, and as you consider how you want to use it in the present and in the future, there are numerous ways you can help it serve you well. Whether you want to spend just an afternoon—or even just a few minutes—to take your home office space up a notch or are ready for a complete renovation or addition, you can give your workspace an upgrade that will pay off in increased efficiency and more pleasant hours on the clock. 

Easy Afternoon Upgrades

Even a small change to your office can give your workday a boost. If you’re looking for an upgrade that makes a significant difference without a big investment of time or funds, consider one or more of these four easy improvements.

Add a touch of green. Even if your thumb is more brown than green, a plant in your office can bring numerous benefits including cleaning the air and boosting mental health. Numerous varieties, such as jade, snake plants, aloe, and spider plants, can all thrive in a sunny window with minimal care.

Make it personal. Seeing a smiling face in a photo or a memento that calls to mind happy memories can make an office truly feel like your space rather than just a place to work. By including these personal touches, you can add joy to your day—and maybe even increase your productivity.

Light up your work. A floor or desk lamp can provide more focused illumination for an array of tasks, as well as give your office a more welcoming feel. In addition, the wide variety of models available allows you to shed light where you need it while adding a pop of your personal style.  

Section it off. If your home office is a corner of your kitchen or a section of your guest room, adding a physical boundary can help you shut out distractions. Consider using a decorative screen or curtain to make your office a distinct area while upping its visual appeal.

Lasting Investments in Your Workspace

If you’re ready to take the leap and make major changes to your home office or add a completely new space intended for work, you can truly design your office so that it’s customized to your needs and preferences. As you envision your new home office, be sure to think through these vital aspects of any workspace.

Look at location. Whether you’re planning a home office addition or seeking to transform an existing room, consider its location in relation to the rest of your house in light of your priorities. Is it important that your workspace be quiet or would you rather it be closer the action? And, if you’d like to welcome clients or colleagues to your space, would you prefer that they enter your office directly rather than walking through your home? An experienced design-build team can help you think through the options that would be a good fit for your goals and your property. 

Prioritize lighting. Every office task—from accounting to Zoom calls—is improved with good lighting. If you’re building from scratch, be sure the design lets in ample sunlight during the day; and if you’re remodeling an existing space, talk to your remodeling team about how to make the most of any natural light that’s available in that part of your home. In addition, think about the sort of light you need in each area of your office, and consider adding under-cabinet lighting in addition to overhead and task lighting. 

Be strategic with storage. While business is increasingly taking place in virtual environments, the vast majority of workers still need space to keep supplies and files, as well as computer hardware, printers and other technology. A remodel is an excellent opportunity to be strategic about this storage, not only to keep your office free of clutter but to set yourself up for organizational success. Your design-build team can work with you to design built-in cabinets, shelves, and even creative hidden storage options that help you keep your office in order and compliment your style. 

Consider other uses for the space. Will your office serve only as a place to work, or would you also like it to provide space to pursue a hobby? And, will it be yours alone or a room shared with another member of your household? Take time to think through the other ways you may want to use this room, and be sure to gather input from others who will be utilizing it as well. It’s important that your space be both functional and a reflection of your lifestyle, and KGT can help you envision a space that’s a perfect fit and bring it to life.

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