Remodeling With Your Pet in Mind

Remodeling With Your Pet in Mind

BY Theresa Ulrich On

Home isn’t home without our furry friends. Our pets are our companions and confidants, offering comfort and a listening ear, and making our everyday lives more joyful. So, when you remodel, why not keep them in mind? Consider including some of the following features the next time you renovate.

1. Built-In Bowls and Food Storage

You select your table setting based on your taste, so why not give your pet’s feeding area a stylish touch as well? By incorporating a feeding station into the design of your remodel, you can make the place where your pet enjoys meals a cohesive part of the look of a room. And, features like hidden food storage and pull-out dishes can help keep this area clean and tidy.

2. Creative Hideaways

For those times when your pet wants to get away from the action, nothing beats a private hideaway that’s his or hers alone. And, for you as a homeowner, it’s hard to top being able to provide this sort of retreat without sacrificing floor space. Many of the areas of a home that often go unused by us two-legged creatures are well-suited for a pet getaway, and our design-build team can help you turn the area under a staircase, bench, kitchen island or other nook into an attractive and comfortable crate alternative.

3. Incognito Litter Boxes

Like humans, many felines appreciate a little privacy while taking care of business. Litter boxes disguised as furniture or built right into your cabinets can hide these essential features from view, help to contain mess and curtail odors, and blend seamlessly with the look of a bathroom, laundry room, mudroom or other space.

4. Bathing and Grooming Stations

An area designed specifically for bathing and grooming your pet can make these tasks less of a chore, allowing you to keep your furry pal looking his or her best with less hassle. Showers with raised platforms and detachable showerheads can transform pet bathing into a more pleasant experience for you both, as well as eliminate the need for cleanup afterward. And, a built-in grooming table with storage keeps necessary supplies close at hand when Fido is eager to get back into action. 

5. Mobility-Friendly Touches

As our pets get older, many experience some of the same age-related challenges that often beset their owners. Joint pain and stiffness can make it harder for many aging pets to get around, but some thoughtful touches can help them make the most of their golden years. For example, adding ramps so that your cat or dog no longer needs to navigate stairs can allow them to continue to access the areas of your home that they enjoyed when they were younger, and features like built-in orthopedic beds and raised food dishes can provide relief for pets dealing with arthritis. 

In addition, an experienced remodeler can help you pick materials such as scratch-resistant flooring that are designed to withstand wear and tear from happy pets, freeing you to focus more on enjoying life with your furry friend. Our design-build team at KGT Builders is eager to work with you to create a beautiful and functional space that’s a good fit for every member of your family—four-legged members included. And, we take every precaution to keep your pets safe during the renovation process, just as we would in our own homes.

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