Stripping the Stressing From the Remodeling Budgeting Process

Stripping the Stressing From the Remodeling Budgeting Process

BY Theresa Ulrich On

Planning for a remodeling project is often a fun and exciting process as you dream about what could be and explore options for giving your space a fresh look. But, there’s one aspect that’s less than enjoyable for many homeowners: budgeting. Determining how much you want to spend and how you’d like to spend it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task, however.

The first step in removing the stress from the budgeting process is the most important: Work with a team of professionals who are experienced and committed to partnering with you. Hiring a professional designer and a licensed and insured contractor isn’t important merely so that the end result is a beautiful, safe and functional space; it’s also key because it helps you budget accurately and make wise choices.

Working with a professional design-build team like our team at KGT gives you a distinct edge in the budgeting process. It ensures that you understand the costs involved in your project from the beginning and equips you to select options that are the right fit for the look you’d like to achieve and the amount you’d like to spend. 

A team backed by experience can provide you with accurate pricing estimates so you know what to expect and connect you with tools that can help you determine the value of the upgrades you’re considering. (For example, the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report lists the average cost of 22 common midrange and upscale renovation projects as well as their resale value.)

In addition to working with the right team, the following tips can help you strip the stress from the budgeting process.



Have Examples on Hand

Photos go a long way in helping your designer and builder understand what you have in mind for your new and improved kitchen, bathroom or other space. Before meeting with them, collect pictures of layouts, finishes and features that you’d like to incorporate into your remodel—the more the better! Clip them from magazines, find them online or even take shots of your own when you spot something that catches your eye. These visual aids will enable your design-build team to envision your dreams and work with you to form a plan that fits your budget and meets your expectations. 

One helpful online tool is Houzz, which allows you to save pictures to an ideabook using their website or app. You can then share your book with KGT, helping us to easily see what you dream of for your remodel.


Determining what’s most important to you in your renovation project can help you decide how to spend and where to save. Once you’ve decided what you can’t live without—and the places where you would be happy with options at a lower price point—communicate your priorities to your design-build team. When they know what’s vital to you, they can more effectively work with you to narrow down your options. 

At KGT, we use a form called “Needs, Wants and Wishes” to help you clarify what’s important to you and ensure we understand your priorities. It’s just one way we’re committed to partnering with you to create a finished product that truly meets your needs and fulfills your desires.

Don’t Hold Back

When sharing your priorities for your remodel, don’t hold back. The budgeting and design process isn’t the time to be timid! Anything you opt not to disclose has the potential to stall your renovation or cause costly changes after building has already started. By being honest and forthcoming, you give your design-build team the feedback they need to truly partner with you!

Be Ready to Collaborate

Be prepared to collaborate with the professionals you hire. They’re experts in what they do and are your partners in the entire renovation process—budgeting included. Often, they can present approaches and options you may not have considered, helping you get the most for your money and tailor your renovation according to your priorities.

Our professional team at KGT Builders is eager to walk with you throughout the design, dream, build process to give you a renovated space that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today to get started on making your goals for your home a reality.