Virtual Reality: An Interactive Preview of Your Dream Home

Virtual Reality: An Interactive Preview of Your Dream Home

BY Theresa Ulrich On

They say seeing is believing. But, what if—before remodeling even begins—you could not only see your dream space, but take a walking tour of it?

Virtual reality, the newest addition to the KGT’s client-focused design-build process, makes this possible! This technology enables you to tour your renovated kitchen, bathroom or other space prior to making changes, allowing you to experience how it will look, feel and function before committing to a final design—and giving you confidence that you’ll love how it turns out.

KGT remodeling introduced virtual reality walk-throughs at the Luxury Home Show February 1-2, allowing many visitors to explore a remodeled kitchen and living room. The response was overwhelmingly positive! Excitement was a common theme as attendees got a taste of how a virtual tour could give them an interactive picture of their dreams for their homes. Greg Ulrich, co-owner of KGT Builders, shares, “The response from most homeowners when they try it on is that it’s groundbreaking.”

“After you put [the headset] on, you feel like you’re inside the house,” said Caleb de Souza, owner of a stone company in Naples. “It’s really realistic. I wanted to look outside the doors and windows because I felt like I was in a real house.”

We’re thrilled to be one of the first design-build companies in the region to offer virtual reality technology to our clients! A virtual walk-through is now a complimentary part of our design process, and we’re excited to give you the ability to explore remodeling concepts in a fun and innovative way before settling on a design.

Having a clear idea of the finished product is a key factor in having confidence in your design choices, and as Kimberley Knox, who visited the Luxury Home Show from Sarasota, shared, there’s nothing better than virtual reality when it comes to allowing homeowners to experience what their remodeled space will really feel like. “The virtual reality tour is such a great experience,” she said. “You are in the picture for sure.”

Caleb summed it up: “[Virtual reality] is a fabulous tool. It’s really going to give you a better customer experience. … That’s genius.” We agree! Virtual reality is a natural fit with KGT’s client-centric approach—one that’s backed by our 5-Point Promise of complete customer satisfaction. For more information on KGT Builders and how a virtual reality walk-through could allow you to experience your dream for your home, call 239-992-2300 or contact us online.