KGT Builders introduces BuildClean™ for remodeling projects

KGT Builders introduces BuildClean™ for remodeling projects

BY Theresa Ulrich On

KGT Builders is excited to announce they are introducing the BuildClean™ dust control system as part of their remodeling process. The system is the new industry standard for livable remodeling.

KGT will be implementing the BuildClean dust control system to help keep homeowners’ remodeling projects clean and safe. According to research, during a remodeling project five to eight times the normal amount of dust and debris particles can accumulate in the air. This system is designed to eliminate up to 90% of dust and debris during a home remodeling project.

“BuildClean is different from the usual dust barriers, fans and vacuums,” says Greg Ulrich, President of KGT Builders. “The innovative dust control system is built to minimize the migration of dust throughout clients’ homes, giving them the exceptional experience they demand—and the recommendations we’re looking for.”

BuildClean has been proven to dramatically reduce airborne jobsite dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space.

Greg Ulrich, President of KGT explained that a remodeling project can cause dust and chaos, but this device and technology will make the home livable during a somewhat stressful time. The machine was built to create a healthier environment for family and pets, removing the large amounts of dust and particles in the air that can irritate eyes, noses and breathing.

“Additionally, the BuildClean system will safeguard sensitive electronics in the house from unwanted dust buildup onsite,” says Ulrich. “Using this device in every kitchen, bathroom and home remodel will take out the excess dust accumulating in hallways and common areas.”

KGT Builders, the five-time Sand Dollar Award winning firm and 2015 CBIA Remodeler of the Year, is a licensed and insured residential remodeling company with over 45 years of experience. Their goal in every project is complete customer satisfaction by sharing their “5-Point Promise” which includes: prompt and clear communication; listen, advise, value; excellence in design and workmanship; custom client portal; and a clean jobsite.

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