A Happy Home for Joyful Holidays

A Happy Home for Joyful Holidays

BY Theresa Ulrich On

Our homes have always been at the center of this festive season. They’re the places where we’ve made many of our best memories and shared countless celebrations with friends and family. But “home for the holidays” has taken on greater meaning in 2020 as home has become an even more integral part of every facet of our lives. This December, more than ever, it’s the setting for both time-honored traditions and new ways to be merry.

Though many annually anticipated events are on hold until next year, this season of greater celebration at home brings its own unique joys and opportunities. It also brings a reminder that while we can’t control our external situation, we can control our internal dialog and choose the lens through which we view the world—a choice that often leads to seeing things in a new light and spotting possibilities for new beginnings.

While many activities have been placed on pause, this year is presenting us with the gift of space to consider what is truly meaningful to us, not only in our everyday lives, but also in our holiday celebrations. While you reflect on the things that make this season special for you and your loved ones, you can gain clarity on the traditions that carry the most meaning and bring the greatest joy—insight that can help shape future celebrations for the better for years to come. Several questions can help as you consider what a happy holiday truly means to you. For example:

  • What do you most look forward to when thinking about the holidays? What events and activities do you and your family eagerly anticipate? And conversely, which ones do you view with little enthusiasm? Clarifying the things you most enjoy about this season can help you decide which traditions to keep and which to forgo in years to come. 
  • What gives your holiday meaning? The things that make each holiday truly special are those that infuse these times with significance and remind us of the reasons they’re important to us. So, consider what makes this season not only a festive time but a meaningful time. Perhaps it’s attending religious services that only come once a year or a taking part in a tradition you share with your closest family. By identifying the aspects of this season that are most significant to you, you can make them focal points of your celebrations in years to come. 
  • What makes your home a place where memories are made? This year is an especially fitting time to consider which parts of your home lend themselves to merry moments with those you love and how you might like to make changes that would facilitate easier and more joyful celebrations in the future. Perhaps an open floor plan would be better suited for holiday gatherings, or maybe a remodeled kitchen would enable you to whip up seasonal goodies with more smiles and less stress.

As you consider what a happy holiday home looks like for you and your family, KGT Builders is here to help! We’ll work with you to make the setting of future celebrations a place of increased beauty and function—a place where can enjoy each precious moment of this special season to its fullest and that encourages the making of cherished memories. Contact us for your no-obligation virtual consultation, and take the first step toward an even happier home for holidays to come.