Start Now and Spend Spring in a Better Home

Start Now and Spend Spring in a Better Home

BY Theresa Ulrich On

What do you want to be doing this coming spring? As 2020 has thrown countless plans to the wind, many of us are already dreaming about what years to come will hold and considering how our homes can better serve us no matter what the future brings. 

We can’t predict what will happen in 2021, but we can help you enjoy next year—and many years after that—by making your goals for your home a reality. And, if you start your remodel now, you could have a new and improved kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living space or other area ready for you to enjoy when spring rolls around again.

Whether you’re looking forward to hosting family and friends or want to spend spring relaxing in a new bathroom designed just for you, you can have the renovated space you’re dreaming about by spring if you get the ball rolling now. And, if you don’t have specific changes in mind but just want to make your home more beautiful or functional, consider the following ideas for inspiration of how your living space could better serve you in 2021:

  • Add a lanai so you’re ready to make the most of the spring—and every season after that. A refreshed outdoor living space will provide you with a setting that’s always ready for relaxation or entertaining, and will allow you to glean the benefits of spending time in nature without leaving home. 
  • Renovate the heart of your home: the kitchen. Whether you want a minor update or are seeking to completely overhaul your cooking space, a kitchen remodel will pay off in increased ease with every meal you prepare and each hour you spend with family and friends.
  • Turn an unused room into a space devoted to fitness. A home gym makes it possible to work out no matter the weather and regardless of what’s happening outside your front door, allowing you to stay healthy and meet your wellness goals. 
  • Devote a room to recreation. Recent months have given many of us a new appreciation for home entertainment and increased gratitude for the ability to pursue favorite pastimes at home. Adding a hobby room, game room, media room, home bar or other space customized to the things you do for enjoyment enables you to do what you love, no travel required.
  • Update your office—and upgrade your work life. If you work from home even part-time, renovating your office space can make your hours at your desk more pleasant and increase efficiency. 
  • Build a better bathroom. Giving a facelift to the space where you get ready in the morning can help set the tone for every day, making each one better no matter what it holds. 

If one or more of the ideas above has gotten your wheels turning, we’d love to help you bring your dream to life! Our team of professionals at KGT Builders is devoted to excellence at every stage of the renovation process, and we’re eager to work with you to design and build a new and improved space that’s a perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary virtual consultation and take the first steps toward a great spring 2021.